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Dow University Of Health Sciences

Dow University Of Health Sciences

Dow University Of Health Sciences

The Dow University Of Health Sciences subsequent fat of the fatty acids depend open their files triglyceride and cholesterol Asta and then coated with a layer of protein and phospholipid form which leave the camp and enter the the lymphatic formation hope sala Micron bye interest the

triangular cried in the the Endoplasmic Kolam aggregate into global along with with fast for Leopard and cholesterol and are coated with protein these masses are called Sala microns liver is a fluid that is continuously decorated by land in the mouth to keep the mucous membrane of the

Dow University Of Health Sciences mouth and furnace moist heat is secreted by following gland measure the land parathyroid gland submandibular gland sublingual gland inner gland these Saman Thailand sacred which is is suicide Delhi Pak reaction of saliva the amount of saliva secreted per a where is considerable remaining from 2002 2000 500ml composition it has large quantities of of potassium and bicarbonate normal quantities of sodium and chloride ions organic Dow University Of Health Sciences

Dow University Of Health Sciences substance it has various organic up stamp including urea your acid serum and bromine dean and John Cena enzyme it has to measure type of protein secretion serious and mokal area FAQ ration have which in enzyme for digesting starch separation have you seen for the purpose of of lubrication other enzyme this include that really is also present which is the first

Dow University Of Health Sciences

Dow University Of Health Sciences immunological agent bacteria Help in mastication and slowing dilutes Help in the sensation of taste as we now that test is a chemical equation on the substance be in our solution that taste Birds cannot be stimulated and act as a solvent so it is essential for test help in water balance when the moisture in our mouth is increased you never ending they are located at the back of angular or simulated their simulated the thrust centre in in hypothalamus and the sensation of thirst increase when the body water is locked like in

Dow University Of Health Sciences

Dow University Of Health Sciences ever diarrhoea Pehli Vari sacralization is decreased and cost is parents of subject drinking water and does water balance is restored oral hygiene function and even keep the mouth and touch clean it also has some antibacterial action saliva help in maintaining the oral pH at about 7.0 it

also help in in utilising gastric acid and in in relieving heart as patient with efficient celebration as a higher incidence of dental caries gastric glands and are the gland and cell which type secret gastric juice cardiac gland Cholera gland andak body gland chief for peptic help amount the cell of the gastric gland secret about 2500 m and of gastric juice Delhi composition

Dow University Of Health Sciences

Dow University Of Health Sciences enzyme Arab sanyojan convert to passive by HCL gastric lipase gastric and layers gelatinous function of gastric juice digestion of protein the enzyme pepsin with HCl digest the protein up to captain Tej this enzyme also curdled milk digestion of fat the enzyme gastric repair digest the fat to some degree the activity of enzyme is is confined to the stomach PC it is

destroyed by oil change pancreatic secretion introduction the three r’s is a a dual function gland partly exocrine and partly and a crane the foreign for Secret digestive and creative juice while the separation is article liquid which consists of H2O ald sodium bicarbonate and enzyme composition water function of pancreatic juice digestive function pancreatic secretion Dow University Of Health Sciences

Dow University Of Health Sciences

contain large number of enzyme so it help in the digestion of protein Carbohydrate and fats neutralizing action the juice is alkaline so it neutralize the almost equal value of digestive juice byjus introduction bile juice is a great digestive equation from the liver which contain a mixture of of secretary and excretory product of the liver Delhi is activation inhumans

500 to 100 zero ml of bile juice is secreted by the the apartments at liver and D Excel digestion bi juice is essential for complete digestion of fat and to some extent Carbohydrate and protein IT act as a a dadi joint and reduce surface tension converting fat into evolution absorption bile juice is helpful in the absorption of cholesterol and fatty acid and liquid by farming are

complex called a bus file juice is also helpful in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins at Creations some mental such as that and CU and hgr extracted with the bile juice cholesterol and that you think are the chief excretory product of bile juice it may also contain bacteria and bile pigments

excretion Shyam metals such as maintain PH bile juice help in how to maintain our sweet able pH of duodenal content and the help the action of all enzymes bile is an important source of alcl3 for utilising the HCL into the small intestine from the stomach it also neutralize the gastric acidity and

the event the the injurious effect of acid on gastric ulcer river rotation and size of the liver liver is the largest gland in the body it weight about 1.5 kg lies immediately under the diagram and copies most of the right hypochondrium and part of the epigastrium function of piles buy start

Dow University Of Health Sciences

emulsifier tricolour choroid and phospholipid in our food this makes it is a of the pancreatic enzyme to break them down atid pad absorption salt and LG a antibodies in habit bacterial growth in the Tamal interfere neutralizes gastric acid in the small intestine acid expression of function of liver Aircel

ossify the various substance liver cell secrete about a point of guide in a day liver cell produce plasma protein and as a fight of of potato peas during liver cell for several substance iron and vitamins a B12 and D3 was I’ll carry on various important step in the metabolism of all three kind of food

protein Carbohydrate and lipid location and size of gallbladder gallbladder is there shape as AC from 7 to 10 3248 long and 3000 is board at its point it can hold 3250 ml of bile it bile on the The undersurface of the liver and is attached there by Bhai and arrow le active tissue structure of the

gallbladder serious Cooler and focus layer on the wall of the gallbladder the most lining is arranged in 4 year old

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