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Exemplar Health Care

Exemplar Health Care

Exemplar Health Care characteristics access cavity this is the ability of muscles tissue to receive and respond 210 the stimulus the stimulus is a change in the internal and external environment which initiate and impulses action potential  contractility this is the ability of muscle tissue to generate a force to thicken chicken and shortened to do work when a

Exemplar Health Care sufficient stimulus is applied extensibility is the ability of muscle tissue to be retracted Production of  heat The construction of the Carlton muscle Produce heat and is important in maintaining normal body temperature it is estimated that 80% of all body heat is produced by muscle construction Europe muscular Junction between the nerve and the muscles membrane is complete able comparable to the the run-up synaptic laughed at Sun apps

this whole structure is known as the neuro muscular or neural Junction system system is a system that control all the voluntary and involuntary activities of our body part of this is term receive the information from the surrounding process them and transmits impulses to control various bodily functions classification of nervous system central nervous system brain for brand and brand cerebellum spinal cord  spinal corde Is the elongated

Wrong turn all part of the central nervous system is a bundle of fibre caring one or more group of motor or sensory impulses in C and F the outer layer of the spinal cord consist of white matter mylan third nerve fibre days are bundled into specialised tracked that conduct conduct impulses

Exemplar Health Care

exemplar health care
Exemplar Health Care

deserted by pressure pain heat and other sensory stimuli or conduct motor impulses activating muscles and the inner layer or grey matter heat a butterfly shape cross section and is mainly composed of nerve cell bodies within the grey matter running the lamp of the code and extending into the brain the central Canal through which the cerebrospinal fluid circulated

three protective membrane known as the the age off the record and cover the brain the matter is the innermost layer the lie in the middle and the Dora matter is the outside layer to which the spindle nerve and attached Receptor receptor are types of nervous tissue they are sensitive to certain types of change in internal or external condition cerebrospinal fluid CSF the cerebrospinal fluid is a a colourless transparent tissue fluid present in the

cerebral ventricle anal canal and sub Arab this is a special types of equality by which the conditions or properties of things are saved there are 5 special types of sensors these are test touch Eye Eye is the organ of reason among all the sensory organ of our body reason is our dominant fans the eyes are act as optical instrument sensory receptor organ and also power windows on the world of the eyeball the human eyeball may be compared with old-fashioned box camera the eyeball is a 2.5 cm is a diameter and is

Exemplar Health Care

surrounded by three circular layer in the light passes through a lens and the image is come to focus on the the Platina which is roll considered as a film in a camera the presence of hundred million photoreceptor cell rods and cones convert the lightwave into electrochemical impulses which are recorded by the brain layer of eyeball there are three types of circular layer of the eyeball fibrous supporting layer colour pigment layer nervous retinal layer content of the Bible the content of eyeball provide a a refracting

media for my these include aquas Hamar body external yeah this is the outermost part of ear it consists of of Oracle for dinner and external acoustic meatus this is the superficial shell like projecting part of the air which help in catching the sound wave and make the sound wave really to transmission transmitted to the the little air layer the middle ear is located in the Patriots part of temporal bond between the external and internal is

compressed from side to side and the concave in shape it communicates anteriorly with the throw the the auditory tube and posteriorly with the wide and drum and their self function the the auditory increase the pressure exerted by sound wave on low end of Okhla thus the provide matching between the sound wave in air and the sound vibration in the fluid of khokhli test the bitter taste is caused by long chain organic

substance containing and 2 Plus and by alkaloid happy recording etc that this test is detected by the back of the angular crash hold for test the lowest concentration of agreeable test substance that can be discriminated is called a threshold of that substance or test this test is caused by lack fall at the active agent RH Plus same test is given by respond acids like HCL HNO3 and H2 s o4 the test is detected by posterior half of the each side of that and

you call to test this test is caused by inorganic compounds and salt the cation of salt are mainly responsible of salty test the chloride of an 80 MG CA Z and artist stylish saltish salty taste is detected by anterior half of each side of dengue sweet cat the sweet that is primarily associated with organic compound sugar glucose and alcohol aldehyde and Ketone test is detected

by the tips of the dengue receptor but are the primary receptor of Taste the following structure play a role of Taste receptor receptor of smell the olfactory receptor cell are are located high in the Rough of the nasal cavity in the specialised of the nasal cal each nostril contain a small part of closed Kollam Kollam aur factory epithelium does the sons of Samal is a Chemicals and its sensory modality is mediated by by scammell chapter of olfactory

fossa the sons of Samal is 20000 times more sensitive than the hands of death endocrinology this is the science concerned with the structure and functions of the endocrine gland the diagnosis and its Pacific separation

called hormones and treatment of the the disorder of the endocrine system and logical is concerned with study of the biosynthesis storage chemistry biochemical and physiological function of hormones and with the shelf of the endocrine gland and tissue that secret them

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