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Health Care

Health Care Assistant

Health Care Assistant

Health Care Assistant Maya to optane a quick evaluation of a person health pulse rate the number of pulsation noted in a peripheral unit of time heart rate the number of contraction of the cardiac ventricle per unit of time radial pulse arteries carry oxygenated blood away from the heart to the tissue of the body veins carry plant reflected off oxygen from the same

tissue back to the heart the actors are the vessel with the pulse oceans of the blood in the heart followed by a feeling of the heart chamber to determine heart rate one feel the beat at a pause point like the inside of the rest for 10 second and multiple this number by 6 this is the permanent total the park at the breast place the index and middle finger our the underside

of the opposite raised below the base of the thumb press firmly with flat finger until you feel the pulse in the Atreya arterial schools is the the transient experience of arteries due to internal pressure change is within the arteries this pulses move much after than the plot itself genius allseas this is the transient experience of wheels due to pressure change the

winners full can be recorded directly by introducing of cannella into Aavin and recording the pressure change we are a Bakrid Mein Nobita IMO bleeding or the the abnormal flower of blood the patient may have an internal that is invisible for an external storage That is visible on the outside of the body bleeding into the Saqlain Oliver is internal Amore Reg meeting from a cut on the face is an external hemorrhage the term

Health Care Assistant

health care assistant

hemorrhage come from the Greek Hema blood to break forth are free and forceful escape of blood average  Balidan technically aur American and British subtitling difference is the loss of blood for blood escape from the circulatory system can occur in terminally where blood leaks from blood vessel inside the body or externally there are natural opening such as the the mouth nose air or another through a break in the second the complete loss of blood is referred to as acceleration and this angulation is a massive blood loss typing any healthy person can send you a lot of 10 – 15

percentage of the total blood volume without serious medical difficulties and blood donation typing collected at -10 percentage of the donor blood volume physiological anatomy of respiratory system the system consists of the nose for maths learning track bronki and long from our clinical point of view the respiratory system is divided into the upper and lower respiratory tract upper respiratory tract the upper respiratory tract is consist of the nose Phonics short and associated structure  muscle  define Asda contractile tissue of the body Mushkil tissue is composed of differentiated cells

containing contractile protein the structural biology of these protein generates the force necessary for construction which drawing movement within their organ and the body as a wall most Mushkil or of dermal in origin and there different action occur mainly by a gradual process of lengthening the muscles tissue constitutes 40 percentage -50 percentage of the total body weight muscle cell also known as muscle cell or muscle fibre

is construction that change both the length and the shape of the cell there are various form of muscle cell skeletal muscle cell for muscle cell functions muscle function to produce force and motion they are primarily responsible for maintaining and changing posture locomotion as well as movement of internal organ search as the construction of the heart and the

Health Care Assistant

muscle is named because its fibre do not show fried rice separation under the microscope the muscle is mainly found in the Wall of blood vessel and hello where it function to control the size of the humans shape of muscle cell are in shape cell membrane the cell membrane of the muscle fibre is an ordinary trilaminar membrane having a thin layer coating of the layers

nucleus each muscle cell contain a single rod shaped nucleus located in the central portion of the cosy farm cell patto Plaza show that the cytoplasm of muscle cells is dominated by longitudinally oriented construct I’ll filament called Neo filaments two varieties of of element may be distinguished most of the filament law of thin Action type ranging from 5 – 7 M and in diameter some thick news in filament 10 – 15 NM and diameter are also present

muscles of animal in fresh it has a pink colour in the skeletal muscle the muscle fibre are grouped into bundles called cell membrane call Amma it is an ordinary trilaminar membrane having a thick coating of on its outer surface cytoplasm en-route in repatriation the sarcoplasm is seen to be copied mainly by long parallel elementor elements 1 – 3 NM in diameter

these are called your father relative Lee exam is found around the nucleus Beneath The it is contain Golgi complex mitochondria are also called both and make a column and is pure Rabba Rabba the sacred content kakojan coronavirus and liquid droplets cardiac muscle the cardiac muscle is involuntary but it is found only in the cardamom the cardiac muscle fibre are aligned in the form of chain with Complex junction between their and

the oral appearance is of many parallel fibre with various ka beans giving the fall appearance of a a network cardiac muscle fibre the cardiac muscle fibre or elongated branching cell with irregular at their junction they show of the supported banding pattern identical to that of the skeletal muscles nucleus asking the large oval massage is present in the central region of each cardiac muscle cell in cardiac muscle fibre the sarcoplasm is more

abundant due to which the cross section are known as clear as in the second little muscles held in addition to any of several the sacroplasty contain the year cell organelles including the sarcoplasmic cooler in glycogen and fat droplets are also present life on pigment may be present in cardiac muscles fibre of the old people Rico country are abundant in muscle fibre it’s also contain Golgi apparatus characteristics of muscle tissue

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