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Health Care

Health is wealth

Health is wealth
Health is wealth

Health is wealth

Health is wealth will choose a rapid assessment of a person’s health Pulse rate Number of beats observed in the terminal unit of time Heart rate Number of ventricular contractions of cardiac per unit time Radial pulsatile arteries carry oxygenated blood out of the heart to body tissues The veins carry the oxygen reflex

The tissue returns to the heart, the actors are the blood vessels with the pulsating blood contours in the heart followed by the sense of the heart chamber to determine the heart rate that one feels at a pause like inside the rest for 10 seconds and multiply that number by 6, this is the permanent sum of the garden on Chest, put your index and middle finger on the bottom

From the opposite side raised under the base of the thumb firmly with the flat finger until you feel the pulse in the arterial schools of the atria which is a trans-arterial experience due to the change of internal pressure inside the arteries these impulses move at a later time. The plot itself is all genius because this is the temporary experience of the wheels with which the pressure changes

Health is wealth

Full winners can be scored directly by inserting the cannella into Aavin and recording the pressure change, we are a Bakrid Mein Nobita IMO bleeding or abnormal blood flower in which the patient may have an internally invisible external storage on an extracorporeal hemorrhage in Saqlain Oliver is an internal encounter of Amore Reg A wound on the face is the term external hemorrhage

Health is wealth

The Greek hemorrhage comes from the Hema blood to come out a free and strong escape from the medium blood by two hands. The difference between the American and British translations is the loss of blood so that the blood escaping from the circulation can happen in a definitive way. Where blood escapes from the blood vessels inside or outside the body, there is a natural opening such as the mouth, nose, air, or otherwise through a fracture of a second, and complete blood loss is known to accelerate and this parallel is the loss of large amounts of blood so that any healthy person can send you an amount Large blood. 10 – 15

Percentage of total blood volume without serious medical difficulties and classification of blood donation collected at -10% of donor blood volume. Physiological anatomy of the respiratory system. The system consists of the nose to learn mathematics Bronchi and the long path from our clinical and respiratory system The upper and lower respiratory tract is divided into the upper respiratory tract, and the upper respiratory tract consists of the nose.

Containing a contractile protein, the skeletal biology of these proteins generates the strength needed for the construction that attracts movement within the organ and body as a muscular wall or of dermal origin and there are different actions that occur mainly through a gradual elongation process of muscle tissue that makes up 40% -50% of the total body weight. For muscle cells, also known as muscle cells or muscle fibers

It is a construction that alters both the length and shape of the cell, there are different forms of muscle cells, skeletal muscle cells for muscle cell function, and muscle function to produce force and movement. Searching for members is like building a heart and

Health is wealth
The muscle is named because its fibers do not appear to separate from fried rice under a microscope, as the muscle is mainly located in the wall of blood vessels and the hellebore as it works to control the size of the human being and the shape of the muscle cells that make up the cell. Muscle fiber membrane is a normal triple-layer membrane that contains a thin layer of lining of layers

Nucleus Each muscle cell contains a single rod-shaped nucleus located in the central part of the resting cell of the Bateau Plaza farm, indicating that the cytoplasm of muscle cells is dominated by a longitudinally oriented construction. Most of the laws for fine filaments ranging from 5 to 7 meters in diameter and some coarse novelties are also present in filaments with a diameter of 10-15 nm

Muscles of fresh animals have a pink color in skeletal muscle fibers grouped into bundles called cell membrane called Amma is a normal three-layer membrane

This is called your father’s test relative to me is located around the nucleus below it contains Golgi mitochondria complex also called both and forms a column which is pure Rabba Rabba sacred content Kakojan coronary and liquid drops myocardium myocardium is involuntary but only found in cardamom, the myocardial fibers are aligned in series with A complex union between and

Health is wealth

The oral profile consists of many fibers parallel to many ka beans that give the appearance of a drooping network of cardiac muscle fibers, cardiac muscle fibers, or elongated branching cell with irregularity at their intersection showing a supported band pattern identical to the skeletal core muscle wonder that a large oval massage exists In the middle region of each cardiac muscle cell in the cardiac muscle fibers, the sarcoplasm is more

Profuse because the cross-section is known as in the second continuous small muscle, in addition to any of several organelles, chinoplasty contains cellular organelles in general, including the cytoplasmic coolant in glycogen and there are also lipid droplets, and life in the pigment may be present in the fibers from Cardiac muscles of the elderly The country is rich in muscle fibers as it contains the Golgi apparatus muscle tissue characteristics

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