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Health Tips inTelugu

Health Tips inTelugu

Health Tips inTelugu digestion of carbohydrates mouth and stomach during mastication change food is big with saliva which contain and enzyme called 45 and other Samaj polymer of glucose contain 329 glucose molecules materials and debate that is in the mouth only 35 percentage of all the stars Eaton can be had

knowledge because I would remain in the mouth for a very short period after the food is allowed digestion of starch by bhai continuous in much power as known as Continue in the stomach for As Long as 123 house after which the activity of amylase is blocked by the acidic juice the optimum pH for the activity of this enzyme is 627 but become inactive at AP at of 4.0

come on interfere in the small intestine the important country attic endless interested polysaccharide is similar in function to salivary amylase what is more powerful 15 to 30 minutes after cab inter the urine and mixes with the pancreatic juice in the stomach is digested by entrance epithelial and intestinal epithelial and rise glucose polymer into monosaccharides is

enzymes which include black tape maintenance and destination are located in the membrane of the micro wiley of the brush border of the the lumen of the intestine and absorption of carbohydrates carbohydrates are mostly observed in the form of monosaccharide and only are Kamal percentage is observed in disaccharide glucose and galactose is coupled with the active transport of sodium carrier protein have respecter Parts for glucose

Health Tips inTelugu

galactose and sodium Fructose is transported by as stated on the transported monosaccharide then move out of the epithelial cell by facility definition and insert the capillaries of the The Island from finally the general circulation digestion and absorption of protein daily requirement daily protein requirement for adults in 0.5 to 0.7 GM power kg of body weight and of our children 1 to 4 year cost age is 3 to 4 GM power kg of

body weight causes of protein the protein found in the interest and come from two sources androgynous polity 13 to 40 GM hour they are Attari as well as the proteins components of that cell genius protein these are direct protein 200 hour day are taken in tight as plant and animal protein

digestion of protein protein digestion start in where proteins are are maintained by the action of pepsin into peptide pepsin is the most important advantage of the stomach which is active at a low pH 2 to 3 and completely inactive at p at about 5 this means that for the digestion of proteins mostly occur in the intestine you Dinam and Museum under the

action of Italic enzyme of pancreatic juice the enzyme found in pancreatic juice democracy and Kaun The breakdown of proteins into peptide Aptoide on which attached Gautham Menon amino acid to the car bazar and of the Aptoide protein digestion is completely by peptidesese absorption of

protein protein are mostly observed in the form of of peptide peptide and amino acid Reproduction of amino acid occur in the urine am and Zoos in UP what is a fellow in the ileum in the they are digested by bacterial action in stool or not in origin but come from bacteria and Cellular tabriz during the absorption of protein most peptide and amino acid molecule with our

specific transport protein which required and EP last ending for transport can occur the and a + ions ok bye electrochemical gradient of the sun and the amino acid for tied along with it from this recipient it is noted that protein are observed ko transported or secondary active transport process power plant amino acids are transported by the process of fascinated

Health Tips inTelugu

digestion and absorption of fat any requirement the daily diet intake of fat varies from person to person depending upon the nature and suit economic edition of the the individual or above the average daily intake of parrot 25 to 160 GM in the diet the most abundant at in the diet are natural fat Castrol esters Digestion of fat in young adult the Tigers Chand of lipids Pathar in

the Kamal interfere but during mast occasion serious of the Thank you card gland present on the surface of the dengue and in the stomach sacred language and craft depart and which can digest fat they are mixed with the food during mastication and become more active in the stomach this

indicated that digestion of lipids start in the mouth in the mouth and stomach depressed can digest 25 to 30 percentage of all triglycerides we know that most action of fat occur in the summer intern duty Naam by the action of of pancreatic enzyme but before this occur falsification of fat in necessary emulsification of fat the emulsification of fat is the first the tap in

fat digestion in this process are broken down into small fat Global by the actions acid and definition so that I can act on the Global surface Action of pancreatic and in the digestion of fat pancreatic lipase this enzyme present in pancreatic juice fat molecules into fatty acid and fries is are and product of fat digestion light is mov to of the 3 fatty acid from the the dawn

molecule while the remaining protein attached to it form black ride pancreatic pause for life is cleave fatty acid from phospholipids such as phoshotidy choline Pancreatic phospholipase Cholesterol as hydrolysis cholesterol after leaving free plaster absorption of fat the absorption of fat occur as follow self formation micells are small 425 mm in diameter Patari

Kal containing 22:30 molecule depend and file search diversify and product of liquid digestion farm the Dubai all they are observed austral and fat soluble vitamin are located within the fat Global interior of the earth and the absorption of lipids and bi search content free fatty acids and two mono black ride along the brush border of the the microwave surface allowing their

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