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World Health Day 2020 Theme

World Health Day 2020 Theme

World Health Day 2020 Theme Anatomy of pelvic region it is also called Hip bone it is consist of two coxal hip bone this cause all born is also called was a bone it would this cause all bone is divided into three parts the first part is ileum and second part is called is Chairman and third part is called bones in adult days three bones are finally fuse form a single bond in the backside these two bones are

connected to the sacrum in front it is connected with the help of muscles to public fossa in men in Christ is very compact and distance between them is not in women in craft it is dedicated and distance between them is weather anatomy of digestive system the digestive system is in human being is composed of a long muscular tube ka gastro-intestinal tract alimentary canal and accessory organs that the ventral body cavity extend from the

mouth to the Anna and consists of the oral cavity chammach Samal large intestine and rectum and anal Canal digestive system consists of the following organ digestive system oral cavity large intestine rectum labour gallbladder stomach small intestine and oral cavity oral cavity is an irregular space that is bounded by muscles and bones the oral cavity contain the lip check gum tongyu and palate mouth oral cavity contain

following gland parotid gland bola gland problem and vocal gland Stomach is like a muscular bag that connect above to the lower end of of and below the Dhinam it is a j shaped organ it is a 10 inch in length stomach is divided into following part which are show in diagram small intestine the small intestine extend from the stomach Small intestine is divided into three parts Diu Museum William wireless Mocas membrane of Sambhal inter stand has

World Health Day 2020 Theme

World Health Day 2020 Theme

microscopic finger like projection called International which observe absorption takes place in large intestine large intestine extend from end of ileum to unlock it is about 1.5 metre long been on fifth of the wall in terms of the internet and Canal large intestine is divided into 3 parts all are attending cal and trans transverse: depending kholen rectum and anal

canal anatomy of respiratory system a system consists of the nose Loch Ness trachea and lungs from our clinical point of view the respiratory system is divided into upper and lower respiratory tract upper respiratory tract stop the nose throat and associated fracture lower respiratory tract the lower respiratory tract is consisting of the trachea raunchy and long

respiratory system consists of the following organ nose lungs branches the branch are formed by the the bifurcation of the trachea at the level of V vertebrae or tricare divided into main brown right and left branches brunchi divided into Crunchyroll million of Alwar Wale are present and these are in close contact with that gallery where blood come into almost in

direct contact with air anatomy of urinary system it is a cut of organ producing urine in human being comprised chiefly of the kidney curator bladder and urethra the main organ of the university system of the kidney bed from urine Blood groups definition blood group r are inherited

character they are transmitted from to there offspring gene chromosome at least 13 commonly occurring antigens and hundred of other rare antigens are found in human blood they are present on the surface of membrane each can cause and antigen antibody reaction to particular groups of antigen are more likely to cause blood transfusion reaction type abe for a b o blood groups classical blood groups a b o blood groups are further

classification into O 47 percentage a 41 percentage D 9 % ab3 percentage RH blood group system antigens are Forge origin substance which 10th allocate and immunological response and taking are present on the perfect membrane or RBC as in pahle wala play tablet VBC and epidermal cells circulation this is the transport system which circulate blood and lamp

throughout the body there are two types of circulation systemic circulation pulmonary circulation systemic circulation it is also known as the general population for peripheral circulation this circulation supplies all the tissue of the body except the lungs sequence of event of systemic circulation is Allo left ventricle of heart auto capillary winner right Atrium of heart

pulmonary circulation this is the circulation of blood from the lungs the sequence of event of circulation is follow right ventricle of heart Pulmonary artery pulmonary audio pulmonary pulmonary venules and veins functional part fashion heart this is a conical hellow muscular Oregon City

in the middle megastar cinema it is enclosed within pericardium it pumps blood to various part of the body to meet their respective nutritive requirement are trees these are trees of blood rifle which theory oxygenated blood away from the heart accept pulmonary and umbilical artery the wall of of arteries and constructed three coats of Indica they have

hellow aur called a human which blood follow calories these are diffuse network of blood vessel which connect the the RTO and venues capillary are found in almost every cell in the body the distribution of capillary in the body where is with the activity of the tissue for example in those tissue was activities are higher but muscle liver kidney lungs and the system they are rich capillary the please when use there are blood vessels that connect

capillary with vein Cardiaccycle definition this is the period from the banking of one heart beat to the thinking of the next heart Heartbeat aur simply it is one complete being of the earth each cycle is initiated

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